* arial

* Papers will have a minimum of 1 ½ pages unless otherwise noted in class/on the syllabus.
* Papers are to:
* Be double spaced
* Using 12-pt font.
* The following fonts are acceptable:
* Times New Roman
* Arial
* Calibri
* Although proper citations (MLA format) are expected for outside sources, if citing the text, page number in parenthesis will be accepted. In-text citations and a Works Cited page are required for each paper.
* At least two sources are required.
The geographer ive chosen is Carl Ortwin Sauer.


Be sure to cite and utilize a credible news article.

From a reputable news source, find an environmental news story and summarize it in 100-200 words. Use vocabulary or themes in geography in your summary.
Be sure to cite and utilize a credible news article.
How to properly cite newspaper articles: MLA:



Country – JAPAN
1. Each student will select one country from the list attached to this handout. Students cannot choose the same countries. Countries will be on a first come first serve basis. Students must email the instructor the country they select for approval. Students must email the instructor with their selection in a timely manner. This will ensure that the student gets their first choice. No one can choose the United States for North America.
2. Each student will prepare a powerpoint for the country selected.
a. Each powerpoint will include the geography, government, history, and cultural aspects of the country selected.
i. Geography can include a physical description and climate. It should also include the latitude and longitude location.
ii. Government will explain the type of government used in that country and its successes and failures
iii. History will give a brief over-view of that countries past
iv. Cultural aspects will tell the reader about what makes that country unique. This could include food, sports, entertainment, dress, etc.
b. Each powerpoint must be at least 8 slides but no more than 11.
c. Each powerpoint must include some type of visual (picture, map, etc.) in addition to the written word.
3. The powerpoint must also have a bibliography slide
a. The bibliography must include sources from the internet and the library.
b. You must have at least two sources for the country you select.
c. You may not use general encyclopedias or Wikipedia.
d. You are to use the MLA style to list the bibliography. A copy of it can be found in the writing lab or online.
4. Please remember the course policy regarding cheating and plagiarism. If you use someone else’s work, you must give them credit. Any use of plagiarism will result in a zero on the project.
5. Student will submit their powerpoints to the discussion board in Canvas. Each student will be required to view the powerpoints of their classmates. Students should make at least one comment on each classmates powerpoint. The comments you make must be more than one word and be thought provoking comments. One word answers such as cool, awesome, and I like it will not suffice.


Map projection video review

What to do?: Watch and review all the videos as suggested below:
Map Projection Video Review
• Watch the tutorial video on Map Projection (19:26):
• Write a few lines on three important concepts you learned from this video.
• Explain a few lines of your own to explain why and how map distortions occur.
Geography and GIS Video Reviews
A. Watch the following 3 videos:
1. Journeys into Geography (What do Geographers do?) (12:20)
2. What is GIS? (2:49)

3. Exploring Careers: GIS and GPS (Geospatial Technologies!) (6: 45)
• Write a review summarizing what you learned from the videos you are reviewing under A.
B. Pick any one from Videos 1, 2, 3 or 4 based on your interest on the topic.
1. ESRI Case Study: Walgreens (GIS Application in Healthcare Monitoring) (4: 44)
2. The Nature Conservancy: At the Water’s Edge (3: 29)

3. SoCal Gas Facing Natural Disaster with Technology (GIS Application in Natural Disaster Management) (5:41)
4. COVID-19 Response: Location Allocation (5:08)


Hurricanes and tornadoes together represent two of the most dramatic and destruc

Hurricanes and tornadoes together represent two of the most dramatic and destructive meteorological processes on Earth. For this week’s essay, select one historic hurricane or tornado that significantly impacted humans to discuss. Begin with a narrative of the event—how the hurricane or tornado developed, the path it took, and the damage it inflicted. Be sure to cover its destruction and death tolls, its environmental and economic impacts, and any permanent consequences it caused. Include at least one or more visuals (diagrams, maps, photos, etc.) that make your account clearer to the reader; be sure to refer to the visual(s) in your paper. The length requirement does not include a title page, references page, or any of the visual elements present.


Please read the article Tuan_A_View_of_Geography.pdf Download Tuan_A_View_of_Ge

Please read the article Tuan_A_View_of_Geography.pdf Download Tuan_A_View_of_Geography.pdf and answer the following questions (at bottom of this page). After you have read the article and answered the questions you are to write a 1 page reaction to the article. This is your reaction, not a summary. Some helpful prompts to get you going: Do you agree with Tuan? If you agree or disagree, why? What did you think of his writing style? Was it hard or easy to understand and why? Did you take the time to look up any words? what did you learn? What did the article make you think about? etc.
This assignment has two written aspects:
1) Answer the 3 questions about the article (they are in chronological order)
2) Write a 1 page (double spaced) reaction to the article
You only need to create 1 document.
1. Tuan argues of geography that “…for all its rightful claim to being a physical science, it remains a science tied, at a fundamental level, to the human scale”. What evidence does Tuan offer to back up this argument?

2. Why does Tuan describe the scapulimancy of the Labrador Indians? (What point does the example help him make?)

3.According to Tuan, should geographers insist on precision or roundedness if they seek to understand the earth as home?


Your assignment is to write a 250-500 word (excluding references, captions, and

Your assignment is to write a 250-500 word (excluding references, captions, and section headings) lesson on a Learning Objective.
Learning Objective.:About Large Scale Mining
Consider the differences of grades and tonnages between ore
deposits for different commodities (e.g., Cu vs. Pt).
This lesson should not be a summary of the course notes. Instead, you are expected to explain the topic in your own words in a way that will help other students learn it. We strongly encourage you to use outside sources. You will need to cite all of your sources. For information on how to find good sources online and how to cite them, see this page: Reliable Resources and Citations.
Depending on which Learning Objective you have been assigned, you may have to expand on the topic as appropriate. For example, if you had the Learning Objective “Identify the prominent uses for gold, platinum group metals, and diamonds”, instead of just identifying those uses, you could do further research on why each material is appropriate for those uses. Remember that this outside research must still be related to the course content.